Monthly Archives: September 2014

On Piano Teaching

Piano-LessonsIn more than twenty years of teaching piano I have taught a wide variety of students from all different backgrounds and levels of ability. I love my work. There are some amazing musical moments and some funny things…like the kid who asked what the hashtags are for at the start of the piece or the ten year old who told me ‘this sonata is making me die inside’

My approach to teaching is to work with each student as an individual and tailor the tuition to suit their preferences with regard to styles of music and interests. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach that will work.

Some students follow the traditional ‘classical’ route and I regularly enter candidates for Associated Board exams whereas other students prefer to learn purely for enjoyment and follow their own musical interests whether that be popular styles or jazz or song writing or composition. Its constantly stimulating to have such a variety.

I particularly enjoy working with adult learners who are perhaps returning to the piano after initial lessons as a child. Its feels amazing to help to rekindle some of the joy that playing music can bring.

At my new studio in the Ouseburn I do have some vacancies for lessons. If you fancy learning or know anyone who might, do get in touch and we can chat to find out more about what you would like to achieve in your lessons.