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Name the new piece competition

I have a brand new piano piece in need of a title. You can listen to it here

The winning suggestion will be chosen by Friday 8th April 2022

Artist Colin Hagan will then design a cover image for the release based on the winning title suggestion. The person who suggests the winning entry will receive a beautiful giclée print of the artwork as well as a credit on the track notes once it is released towards the end of 2022.

To enter send your suggested title along with your name in an email to [email protected]

Please use ‘competition entry’ as the subject line.

Why do we pre-save music?

You’ll notice many artists sharing links to pre-save their upcoming releases – but what does this actually mean? When the track is released, it will go straight into your library without you having to add it. It’s beneficial for the artist as it boosts the profile of the track on the mysterious Spotify algorithm making the song more likely to be placed on popular playlists.

So with this in mind, please do me a favour and pre-save my new single ‘Nighthawks’

Victoria Tunnel concerts 2022

I’m back performing in the Victoria Tunnel on Saturday 26th March and Friday 17th June. Visit my Live page on my website for details. Atmospheric solo piano, in the dark, underground. Tickets are available here

Follow me on Spotify to be in with the chance to win two tickets to the 7:15pm performance on Saturday 26th March

Recent Spotify playlist adds

Thanks to the curators of these wonderful playlists for adding my tracks ‘Tenerezza’ and ‘Peace’. If you want to chill out and listen to some peaceful piano music click the links on the pictures to go direct to the playlists.

Live performances underground inside the Victoria Tunnel

Steve Luck will be performing his beautiful, intimate solo piano pieces from his new album ‘Sojourn’ in the most atmospheric of venues. The dreamlike, hypnotic sounds of Steve’s peaceful compositions will gently surround you, as you sit in (almost) pitch darkness, 60 ft underground, inside the Victoria Tunnel in the Ouseburn, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Come along and experience an underground forty five minute, musical treat for the senses and feel what its like to truly listen, in this remarkable, historic setting with fantastic acoustics.
Two performances will take place on Saturday 18th December 2021 – the first at 7.15pm and the 2nd at 8.30pm.
There will be social distancing measures in place and there is a strictly limited capacity inside the tunnel and demand is expected to be high so it is highly recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment

Peaceful piano playlists

If you enjoy peaceful piano music you will have plenty of choice on his list.

These are all of the playlists that featured my recent single ‘Sway’

Huge thanks to all of the curators below for their support.

Do check out some of these links to read about and hear more beautiful music.

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New single ‘Sway’ out now

The new music releases are coming thick and fast at the moment. This is the second single I am releasing in partnership with record label Frtyfve and its called ‘Sway’

The track is out now on all the major digital services and its a composition that I am particularly pleased with. Its already been described by one Spotify playlist curator as “A mysterious, gently undulating, playful solo piano piece with a beautiful melody. Listen out for subtle harmonic shifts between major and minor and a gorgeous lift at 1.42”

Check it out for yourself at

I hope you enjoy it. Do get in touch to let me know what you think.

The artwork by the way is by the ever fabulous Colin Hagan of Northern Design.