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Happy New Year

Hi all,
Back into the studio today after an enjoyable festive break. I’m currently working on preparing  library tracks for submission, some library track admin (boring but necessary), editing scores for my forthcoming solo piano sheet music collection and listening to some great work from my friends Sam and Dan Burt who have made this fine collection of trailer music.

The playing and recording of the next solo piano record will have to be put on hold for a while as a result of a fracture of my left thumb sustained whilst stalling my motorbike at the petrol station before Christmas. No boogie woogie for a while…what a dafty!



Sheet music available for sale.


Recently I have been beavering away on a music score writing package called ‘Sibelius’ putting together sheet music versions of some of my solo piano tracks.

I am very pleased to be able to make them available for sale on this site if anyone would like to have a go at playing them.

Currently available in the shop are ‘Home‘ and ‘Rondo‘ both as printed music which I can post out to you or as pdf downloads for you to print at home.



Always Getting Better

Recently I completed the score and the sound mix on a short film produced by Shapeshifter Creative called ‘Always Getting Better’

I will post a link to the finished film in due course but I thought I would share a couple of uplifting, hopeful cues from the film with you.


Late Shows reviews

Some feedback from the first night of Late Shows Pitch Black Piano performances. Doing it all again tonight Saturday 14th May 2016 if you are free – from 7.30 on level 2 of 36 Lime Street.


EP Launch at The Late Shows in Newcastle

‘Pitch Black Piano’ – A Late Show Release From An Award Winning Newcastle Composer.

Newcastle based composer Steve Luck is set to release his brand new solo piano EP called ‘Home’ on Friday 13th May 2016. The release will coincide with the ‘Late Shows’ in Newcastle and Steve will be giving free performances of tracks from the EP from his studio on level 2 of 36 Lime Street, NE1 2PQ throughout the Late Show weekend.

Home EP cover art

The EP is a follow up to last years critically acclaimed debut album ‘Sailing On The Big Sea’. The music is uniquely atmospheric. It is beautifully simple and direct. Contemporary piano music that has a wistful, longing quality but at the same time is  uplifting, joyous and life-affirming. It is a gorgeously melodic collection of work.

You can get to experience these wonderful pieces played live in the dark, as part of the launch of the EP at the Late Shows in Newcastle.

‘Pitch Black Piano’ will take place on level 2 of the historic 36 Lime Street building in the Ouseburn. There will be a total of eight separate performances, scheduled for every half an hour beginning at 7.30 on both Friday and Saturday, the 13th and 14th of May 2016

Every light source in the studio is blocked out to create a very special atmosphere with the focus firmly on listening to the music. The only light in the room comes from a sound sensitive multi-coloured, moving light placed inside the piano, illuminating  the action of the hammers inside of the piano in time with music.

pimped piano

It will be a wonderful shared experience, in an intimate, atmospheric setting. Each performance will last approximately ten minutes and the maximum audience size is just 25.

Steve said “I am very much looking forward to the launch of my EP at the Late Shows. The event creates a unique atmosphere around the city and I’m delighted to be part of it again. I think that the pieces I have composed will suit the intimate setting of the performance space in the studio, and hopefully people will enjoy a memorable experience, hearing the music close up, as part of a small audience sitting in the dark”

To listen to the title track of the EP ‘Home’ visit

CD’s will be available for sale after each performance and downloads of the EP will be available from  from Friday 13th May.


Electric Avenues

Synthesisers are great. When I was a kid Jean Michel Jarre popularised electronic music. I had never heard anything like it before. This music, in part, helped inspire my early teenage desire to own my own synthesiser and the one that was affordable enough to allow me so set my heart on was this! The Casio MT 400-V


It wasn’t really a synthesiser. This little machine was actually a pretty basic home keyboard with an ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain Release) filter bolted on, but it  provided many happy hours of mucking about with sounds. The fact that it could be powered by batteries was also a boon – I even remember playing it on the beach.

A few years later I graduated to one of these…



The Korg M1 is the best selling synthesiser the world has ever known. It had an impressive feature set – a 61-note keyboard that senses both key velocity and aftertouch, a joystick for pitch-bend and modulation control, 16-note polyphony, eight-part multitimbral operation with dynamic voice allocation, and 86 16-bit sampled waveforms within just 4Mb ROM memory.

Importantly it also featured a facility to record using the inbuilt sequencer which provided me with my first experiences of layering sound on sound. I remember spending about a week, eight hours a day, recording an instrumental cover version of  ‘Private Investigations’ by Dire Straits. From what I remember it sounded pretty good, apart from the overdriven guitar burst on the original recording, which the M1 struggled to emulate – I had to resort to some sort of insipid brass pad which didn’t quite have the same impact. I have  a vague recollection that this recording may still be in existence on cassette tape somewhere. I will post it online if I can find it.

Sadly I don’t own either of these marvellous machines anymore. Eventually the Casio went to a charity shop and the M1 was sold, at a discount, to compensate for sticking keys and a dodgy output jack socket.

More recently in my work writing for media There have been quite a few occasions where an electronic score was been commissioned. Below is a collated playlist from some of these projects. All of the sounds here were made using software instruments –  which very often are software emulations of classic synthesisers including the Korg M1.

Cinematic show reel

I recently added a show reel to soundcloud featuring some of my most cinematic music. Some older tracks sit alongside some that were composed more recently but all have a cinematic feel – that is…  they conjure up images when you listen.

Do let me know what you think of the tracks I selected and what images you see when you listen.

If you are a film director and would like to work with me on your next project do get in touch – click the contact button above.