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‘Sojourn’ is a collection of intimate modern classical piano miniatures exploring themes of memory and hope. It’s a beautiful collection of emotional, tender pieces. Drawing on hazy, indistinct, partial memories of previous sojourns as well as responses to places with a palpable sense of history, this collection of tunes delicately combine a sense of poignancy and optimism to form a captivating listening experience.

Emerging from Covid 19 lockdown, the album was recorded mostly in the early mornings at Steve’s home in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England. The aesthetic is intimate – the recordings capture the close-up sound of the felted upright piano, including some of the mechanical noises produced by the instrument, which help draw the listener into each performance as if you are in the same quiet room. The pieces weave an alluring spell, wistful and tender but always with a sense of hope.

Steve said “I think this enforced time spent at home has made a lot of people more thoughtful about certain aspects of their life. These pieces were in a way, my response to the inability to move around freely. I began to think about times and places from the past and this reflective mood inspired these compositions. I wanted to keep them short and quiet and slow, and it felt right to perform them using a felted piano to capture something of the opaque quality of the memories”  

The album will be released on digital music services on Friday 26th November 2021. The artwork is by Colin Hagan.  The release will be available on CD and download, as well as on streaming services. In addition, upon release Steve is making available a very special, limited edition giclée print of the album cover artwork which will include either a CD or an album download code.  For further information or to buy the album please visit