‘Tesoro’ set for release on Friday 11th September 2020

I’m delighted to be releasing a new single this coming Friday – its called ‘Tesoro’ and will be available to stream and/or buy on all the usual digital platforms.

Listen to it on your favourite music service here https://smarturl.it/5sbule

Spotify users please do follow me to get a reminder that the track is out https://open.spotify.com/artist/6bXZK7BisCDBBGp7D0d54i?si=sp6i1QFNSGSYy_WkA5OacA

Here’s a little taster video so you can see if its your sort of thing!

Here’s the blurb from the press release for it.

Pianist and composer Steve Luck is delighted to announce the release of his latest single ‘Tesoro’ – due out on 11th September on all digital platforms. The track is an intimate, beautiful, and atmospheric piano miniature, recorded on a felted upright piano in August 2020. ‘Tesoro’ means treasure in Italian. This tender and soothing contemporary classical composition was inspired by images of a newborn baby. The piece will receive its live premiere the day after its release, on the evening of Saturday 12th September 2020, as part of the Great Northern Piano Session V concert at the Gosforth Civic Theatre. Perfect for the peaceful piano playlists, this piece looks set to charm and move listeners with its delicate simplicity.

Steve said “I was delighted with the recording of this very personal and intimate track. As a composition it has a simple structure, but I was very pleased with the atmosphere I captured on the recording – using the felt on my upright piano to bring to life the soft and delicate mood I was trying to create. I was put into this peaceful, and gentle frame of mind when at the keyboard by looking at images of my cousin and his partners brand new baby girl Ellie. I would definitely say that the track was inspired by her and has since been dedicated to her – it’s for Ellie Brown“

Out on Spotify , Apple Music and all good digital platforms on Friday 11th September 2020.

Praise for Steel Bridge

Huge thanks to all who have watched, liked and commented on the video for ‘Steel Bridge’.

Almost 10K views and 125 shares on Facebook is amazing.

The comments have been lovely to receive – especially peoples stories about relatives who helped build the Tyne Bridge back in the 1920’s

Here’s a small selection.


“Wonderfully evocative piece”

“Brought a lump to my throat watching and listening to that fantastic thank you”

“Well, I can hear driving hammers, different layers of work going on all at the same time and even talking between the workmen. Now added to that is an overarching layer of solemnity, befitting of the creation of such an awe inspiring example of engineering. Great stuff.”

“Such beautiful music, to me, it honours a place where my Mam (Mary Wilson from Wallsend) and Dad (at the time sailor from Flanders, Belgium) met about 60 year ago. Moving and emotional and complementing a landmark that is so dear to me and many many others, thank you for sharing your amazing talent.”

“Loved watching this. My dad was a riveter & a bit of a steeplejack & he worked on the bridge. I didn’t inherit his head for heights I’m afraid, but I’m very proud of him. Thank you.”

“Brilliantly composed piece! It’s was like the bridge was playing the instruments it’s self with the violin looking wires bringing the bridge together! Beautiful video too”

“My grandfather and his brother worked on the bridge. Great to see this film”

“Beautiful music, goes wonderfully well with building of our bridge. What brave men”

“My Granda Jimmy Ransom as young boy worked on the bridge start to finish, he was deaf in later life he put it down to his eardrums bleeding when working on the foundations due to the compressed air used in the coffer dams to hold back the Tyne whilst work was carried out, he progressed to been a catcher of the hot rivets, he also told me a story of a big wig as he put it visited the site and asked how many rivets they did in a day, the number 250 sticks in my mind but I could be wrong anyway this big wig offered the riveting squad a halfpenny for every rivet they did over they daily amount they management had to cancel the deal after a week as the squad started early and stayed late every day and earned a tenner each in that weeks wages. He also told me he was first over the bridge as when the last section of the first arch was in place he walked over to shake hands with guys on the other side”

“I could swear I could hear the hammering of rivets. Great music and amazing photographs. “

If you are on facebook you an watch the video here https://www.facebook.com/steveluckmusic/videos/523057515152978/

I would love to know what you think. Leave a comment below.

‘Steel Bridge’ single out now

My new single ‘Steel Bridge’ is out today – the 18th October 2019. The track is intended to pay tribute to the workers who designed and built the Tyne Bridge more than ninety years ago.

The bridge has been an important landmark for me throughout my life. From visits to the quayside Sunday market as a kid more than forty years ago, through to taking part in the Great North Run half marathon last year and running over the bridge just as the Red Arrows flew in formation overhead. The structure connects people in more ways than one. The imposing, impressive single span, towers over the river, physically connecting Newcastle and Gateshead. Its also an iconic symbol of the north east. Every time I have been away from home, the sight of the green arch makes me feel proud to be a Geordie – which is another kind of connection and there is also something about landmarks like this that connect us with the past.
The bridge was built between 1925 and 1928 and is a marvel of both architecture and engineering skill. It was the largest single span bridge in the UK and was built using shipbuilding techniques and uses more than 7000 tons of steel and it has more than three quarters of a million rivets.”
Steve says “The piece ‘Steel Bridge’ was inspired by the urban rhythms of old industry. It is a moody, atmospheric and ultimately uplifting reflection on, and tribute to the workers who fearlessly and skilfully brought this immense feat of engineering to life. It is scored in a cinematic minimalist style featuring live piano, string quartet and electronics. Its also a reflection on the change that Tyneside has gone through with the move away from old industry and towards a more mixed economy.”

Listen here or click through to buy the track.

Watch the music video here

competition time

Follow me on Spotify to be in with a chance to win two tickets to my next solo piano performance which is on Friday 16th August (7.15pm) underground, in the dark, inside the Victoria Tunnel. The draw will take place on Monday 10th August 2019. If you don’t have a Spotify account leave your email address instead.