The Creative Process

You can hear me chatting about how I compose music on this podcast from the Guild of Northern Media Composers


Sailing On The Big Sea

here’s a new version of an old track of mine called ‘Sailing on the Big Sea’ recorded on a lovely yamaha grand piano a couple of months ago. 
Big thanks go to Steve Coates for a fabulous job recording and mixing this. 

Piano Lesson Fun

10 year old piano student this morning says “this sonata is making me die slowly inside”
Nice to know I am having an impact !!

Space Invasion

New tune for the day – bit of electronica composed for a space invader themed game. After the intro It has a bit of a jaunty rhythm going on and some military snares in the background and plenty of flying saucers too.

Media Circus

Sometimes you write a song and circumstances change to give it a resonance that it didn’t have before…

Spam warning

Spam warning… apologies in advance I’m gonna have to keep posting this link for a few weeks..I have a record to promote. 
Thanks for all your help with it. Keep supporting independent artists. Please like and share and help me let people know about it. 
I would genuinely be really interested if you have a listen to it and let me know if it’s any good.