Lovely Piano

I went back to my ex piano teachers house to record tracks for my EP on her  lovely Yamaha grand. I felt like a small boy again for a while – the last time I was there was about twenty five years ago and I was surprised at how nervous I got playing in front of her!!

mary smith piano room


Scary Music

This ones a bit different. 
Pleasingly, it was judged to be too scary for small children. 
It now features on the forthcoming episode of ‘Settling the Score’ on Basic FM. 
Best listened to at high volume, alone, in the dark, with a darth vader helmet on…do your own asthmatic breathing…

Spam warning

Spam warning… apologies in advance I’m gonna have to keep posting this link for a few weeks..I have a record to promote. 
Thanks for all your help with it. Keep supporting independent artists. Please like and share and help me let people know about it. 
I would genuinely be really interested if you have a listen to it and let me know if it’s any good.