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Starry Skies

Recent review of Starry Skies from my piano solo EP
“Your piece is astounding. I love the melody and chord progressions you’ve used. It’s so beautifully fluid. I hope you share more.”

Listen for yourselves here.


Lovely Piano

I went back to my ex piano teachers house to record tracks for my EP on her  lovely Yamaha grand. I felt like a small boy again for a while – the last time I was there was about twenty five years ago and I was surprised at how nervous I got playing in front of her!!

mary smith piano room


Spam warning

Spam warning… apologies in advance I’m gonna have to keep posting this link for a few weeks..I have a record to promote. 
Thanks for all your help with it. Keep supporting independent artists. Please like and share and help me let people know about it. 
I would genuinely be really interested if you have a listen to it and let me know if it’s any good.