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In The Evening By The River

This is another track inspired by the countryside of Northumberland. The river in question in the Coquet – pronounced “Kohk-ut” which is about 40 miles long and flows from the Cheviot Hills to the North Sea. I tried to construct

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Independent Artists

This quote I came across recently struck a chord. When you buy from an independent artist you are buying more than just a painting or a novel or a song.  You are buying hundreds of hours of experimentation and thousands

Starry Skies

Recent review of Starry Skies from my piano solo EP“Your piece is astounding. I love the melody and chord progressions you’ve used. It’s so beautifully fluid. I hope you share more.”Charlotte. Listen for yourselves here. Kite Flying by Steve Luck

Lovely Piano

I went back to my ex piano teachers house to record tracks for my EP on her  lovely Yamaha grand. I felt like a small boy again for a while – the last time I was there was about twenty

Sailing On The Big Sea

here’s a new version of an old track of mine called ‘Sailing on the Big Sea’ recorded on a lovely yamaha grand piano a couple of months ago. Big thanks go to Steve Coates for a fabulous job recording and mixing this. 

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Spam warning… apologies in advance I’m gonna have to keep posting this link for a few weeks..I have a record to promote. Thanks for all your help with it. Keep supporting independent artists. Please like and share and help me let