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Recent Spotify playlist adds

Thanks to the curators of these wonderful playlists for adding my tracks ‘Tenerezza’ and ‘Peace’. If you want to chill out and listen to some peaceful piano music click the links on the pictures to go direct to the playlists.

‘Sojourn’ out now

I’m delighted to release my new piano single ‘Sojourn’.

I’m also delighted to be working in partnership with record label Frtyfve on this and my next two single releases.

This tune is light, gentle and a little bit happy.

“This is a gorgeous piece” – Shona Oliver

“It’s really nice. I like it a lot. The melody is so lyrical. It’s beautiful” – Kaan Gölgesiz

Artwork by the amazing Colin Hagan of Northern Design.

Listen on your favourite music service here

‘One Little Victory’ out now

My latest solo piano single is called ‘One Little Victory’ and is out now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can listen on your preferred service here

The wonderful artwork is by Colin Hagan of Northern Design

The video was filmed at Kielder Castle in Northumberland

Whilst composing I will often take some time to reflect on how a piece is developing. Leave it alone for a while and come back to it again with fresh ears and clarity of thinking. When the piece that became ‘One Little Victory’ was nearly complete and I listened to what I had so far, I was struck by the restrained nature of the track, the simplicity and flexibility of the melody and a sense of smallness, a constrained emotion – gently unfolding and developing slowly, positive and maybe just a touch celebratory (after the minor key opening) but certainly not shouting it from the rooftops.
‘One Little Victory’ felt appropriate as a title. Then, as I always do, I googled it to see if it had any other associations which might sway my opinion on whether I could use the title or not. I was both surprised and happy to discover that ‘One Little Victory’ is also the title of a song by my absolute favourite band when I was growing up – Canadian power trio Rush, with lyrics written by the late great Neil Peart. I had either forgotten it or had not heard it before but maybe I had seen the title written and subliminally stored it away.
It includes the lines…
“The greatest act can be,
One little victory”
The song is about how it is the small accomplishments in life that can turn out to be the most rewarding and satisfying. It is also about challenging yourself within rather than measuring yourself against others.
This chimed with the way that I think about these things and so the title again felt appropriate and the whole experience felt serendipitous. Its not a victory in the sense of beating an opponent or winning a war but rather more to do with setting yourself challenges and trying your best to achieve them. To me the piece is about an inner dialogue and a reflection on those fleeting moments of satisfaction.

I hope you enjoy the music. If you do please help spread the word by liking and sharing on social media and if you don’t already do please follow me on Spotify and add this track to some playlists.

Many thanks