Christmas Recital

I had a lovely time last night at my piano students Christmas recital.

Its always a special occasion. It is

held  in the recital room of the Royal Grammar School in Jesmond and the piano-1920x1200students have the opportunity to perform on a lovely Yamaha concert grand piano.

Last night, as in previous years, there was a wide range of ages and abilities and every year I am amazed at the composure and skill of the students. There was a sizeable audience of parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters and none of the performers were overawed by the occasion. All of the pieces sounded better than during lesson time , there were barely any mistakes and all of them without exception gave really good performances.

Special mention should go to one of the youngest performers Harvey who opened the show, looking very dapper in a smart shirt and who played beautifully. Also deserving of a special mention was Josh and his comic version of a blues/rock and roll duet we made up called ‘Wise Owl Blues’ – complete with him owl hooting a solo that had everyone in the room laughing.



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