Mars – The Bringer Of War

gustav holstRecently I have been experimenting with some new (and some old) orchestral sample libraries and put together this arrangement of ‘Mars – The Bringer of War’ by Gustav Holst from ‘The Planet Suite’. not the whole thing – just 70 seconds long. I used a combination of Spitfire, Symphobia, VSL and East West samples.

The English composer Gustav Holst died in 1934 and was a significant influence on many other composers including Benjamin Britten and Michael Tippett. The Planet Suite, by far his most widely known composition, was composed between 1914 and 1916 during the first world war.

Biographer Michael Short writes …”In “Mars”, a persistent, uneven rhythmic cell consisting of five beats, combined with trumpet calls and harmonic dissonance provides battle music which is unique in its expression of violence and sheer terror… Holst’s intention being to portray the reality of warfare rather than to glorify deeds of heroism”





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