Peace Process-ion

I have spent the last month or so working with the lovely people at Skimstone Arts in Newcastle on a project entitled Peace Process-ion.

It was part of an international movement in the arts exploring and celebrating peace. It has been a wonderful, inspirational experience, working closely both with fellow professional artists and Skimstones Young Artist Collective, to produce a wide ranging multi-disciplinary piece of work incorporating installation and live physical theatre performance.

One of the tracks I composed is entitled ‘War Is A Racket’

It is written for string quartet and recorded sound featuring quotes from an audio version of a publication by Major General Smedley Butler called ‘War Is A Racket’.

Smedley Butler was a highly decorated US Marine who, after a long military career, leading his men into battles on behalf of the US government came to the conclusion that his role had been primarily to further the interests of the very few at the expense of the very many.

Listen to the piece here…

You can watch  ‘behind the scenes’ footage of the build up to a performance of Peace Procession in this video put together by fellow Peace Procession artist Sophia Gardiner

Behind the Scenes of 'Peace Process-ion' (a video made for Posterity) from sophiagardiner on Vimeo.


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