Reviews for Kite Flying

“A beautiful piece – I think you have just answered my sister in law’s dilemma of what to walk down the aisle to in October!”

“Just watching/ listening to French Carousel now. Beautiful! And what a gorgeous sounding piano.”

 Beautiful atmosphere you created with the solo piano – lovely sound and very tranquil – very much chilled out now – thanks for sharing “

“Beautiful melody, peaceful music, I like it a lot.”

Your piece is astounding. I love the melody and chord progressions you’ve used. It’s so beautifully fluid. I hope you share more.”

This piece made me smile. I love the trills, the bass line, the tension to release that you build here and there throughout the piece.”

 lovely piece, feels very English,pastoral and evocative”

“Such a nostalgic and innocently wistful theme! Beautifully played too.”

” Love this track, so relaxing. Everyone should boil a kettle, make some tea or coffee and play this track and take 5 minutes out of your busy lives”




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