‘Steel Bridge’ single out now

My new single ‘Steel Bridge’ is out today – the 18th October 2019. The track is intended to pay tribute to the workers who designed and built the Tyne Bridge more than ninety years ago.

The bridge has been an important landmark for me throughout my life. From visits to the quayside Sunday market as a kid more than forty years ago, through to taking part in the Great North Run half marathon last year and running over the bridge just as the Red Arrows flew in formation overhead. The structure connects people in more ways than one. The imposing, impressive single span, towers over the river, physically connecting Newcastle and Gateshead. Its also an iconic symbol of the north east. Every time I have been away from home, the sight of the green arch makes me feel proud to be a Geordie – which is another kind of connection and there is also something about landmarks like this that connect us with the past.
The bridge was built between 1925 and 1928 and is a marvel of both architecture and engineering skill. It was the largest single span bridge in the UK and was built using shipbuilding techniques and uses more than 7000 tons of steel and it has more than three quarters of a million rivets.”
Steve says “The piece ‘Steel Bridge’ was inspired by the urban rhythms of old industry. It is a moody, atmospheric and ultimately uplifting reflection on, and tribute to the workers who fearlessly and skilfully brought this immense feat of engineering to life. It is scored in a cinematic minimalist style featuring live piano, string quartet and electronics. Its also a reflection on the change that Tyneside has gone through with the move away from old industry and towards a more mixed economy.”

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Watch the music video here