Be Curious album…what are people are saying?

“Steve Luck creates quiet, emotional, and pure solo piano music… heartfelt vignettes… all you must do is play it, and you would not need any words.”
Headphone Commute

“I was so moved by the music on first hearing it that I was tearful…. It is something that literally soothes the soul and something that, in the current climate of ugly wars and hate crimes that makes you just think of beauty.”
NE Love Magazine

“Steve Luck is a classical, award-winning pianist from Newcastle, and his latest album is a pure joy… Each track here is a little vignette, aural mini-movies if you will, that send listeners on journeys that are ultimately incredibly moving.”
The Crack

“Steve’s subtle but emotive embrace of the instrument sees him conjure a world of moonlit rainbows, awakenings and new beginnings… modern classical piano miniatures that explore the delicate interplay between melancholy and hope, forming an engaging body of work which is both contemplative and uplifting.”
Sunderland Echo

“Steve Luck’s Be Curious is an invitation to enter into isolated atmospheric landscapes and saturated emotional states….the tracks feature undulating piano chords and sloping melodies that bleed into each other… Blue Dot is a personal favourite” 4/5
NARC Magazine

“Repetition can be a hell of a thing when used correctly. Lucks left hand creates a mesmerising bassline that can easily soothe you as you ease into micro-sleep. Have you ever been in the middle of being awake, whilst simultaneously having a lucid dream about something that elates you? That is how this music feels….”

“Ethereal melodies and gentle piano themes in this enchanting and soothing set of compositions are so blissful. The harmonic structures bring deep emotions with every key press. Let the soft, delicate sounds, caress your soul, transporting you to a realm of tranquillity and inner peace. ”

Steve Luck, the award-winning composer, pianist, and producer, has recently unveiled his album Be Curious, featuring an intimate solo piano treat as its title track. Inspired by a quote attributed to Walt Whitman, “Be curious, not judgemental“, the composition takes on an esoteric, almost hollow quality. The piece, with its spine-chilling and timeless ambiance, reflects Luck’s ability to create a deeply emotive and atmospheric experience.
Through the delicate interplay of the piano, Be Curious invites listeners into a contemplative space, encouraging curiosity and eschewing judgment…
Last Day Deaf

” Newcastle-based pianist and composer Steve Luck’s heartfelt collection of 12 solo piano pieces is a joy to behold. Opening track ‘Bloom’ is wistfully beautiful and takes the listener on an introspective journey through atmospheric landscapes, and the ebb and flow of life. Highly recommended.”

North East Lifestyle

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